Good News for Plastic Modelers...


Do you like to build plastic models of airplanes, cars, armor, figures or ships?  Do you read modeling magazines and wonder where there are others like yourself who enjoy this creative and relaxing hobby?  Have you ever wished for a chance to show your work to other modelers and exchange ideas and techniques?

Well, then - have we got good news for you!  We're the Washington, DC Chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society.  Our members range from beginners to expert who've enjoyed this hobby for over 30 years.  Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced modeler, and no matter what your interests in model subjects might be, we are for you!

We hold a meeting each month to allow model builders such as yourself to get together with people from all walks of life who have one common bond - they enjoy building scale models.  Our meetings include a contest for modelers to display their work and compete with others.  We also spend time discussing all the latest modeling news and hold a raffle of donated kits.  During each meeting there is a special program.  Sometimes it may be a guest speaker who provides current information and historical perspective on our modeling subjects (past speakers have been famous authors, war veterans, and museum curators).  Other times we have basic and advanced techniques demonstrations, or maybe a slide show of subjects related to modeling (such as military aircraft or race cars).  There are also private vendors who attend the meeting and sell rare kits and books.

What our members get out of this chapter is as varied as the members themselves.  Some get the satisfaction of competing for awards at Regional and National Conventions, and, indeed, our chapter has sponsored such events in the past.  Other modelers enjoy working on chapter programs and displays.  We have models on display in hobby shops and in such places as the National Air & Space Museum and the Navy Yard Museum in Washington.

Chapter members have given modeling demonstrations in places such as the Garber Aircraft Restoration Facility at Silver Hill, MD.

We do not charge admission or dues for our monthly meetings.  Everyone  is welcome to attend.  We encourage membership in the National IPMS, but we do not require membership for you to participate in our meetings.  In short, we don't ask you to join anything except us for a good time each month!  The least you'll get out of it is a chance to improve your enjoyment of the hobby by learning new skills and information, as well as making new friends who are modelers like yourself and who speak your language!  So come to a meeting, bring a model you've built or one you're working on now, and join the fun.  If anyone else in your family builds models, then have them bring one as well. And remember -  you like to build plastic models: You are not alone!


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