Shown here are the monthly special contests, programs and other activities that are scheduled.  Check back to see the upcoming scheduled programs, techniques or other items.



Special Contest: Winter : things in winter camouflage or for use in cold weather operations such as: Aircraft or armor in white camouflage, a figure of a ski trooper, snow-mobile or an icebreaker ship.

Program: Best of 2017 Show and Tell; Bring your 2017 winning models to show and talk about.


Special Contest: Smaller Combatants of WW2 : such as: Finland, Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungry.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Monogram : any Monogram kit of any subject such as: 1930 Ford Coupe, Goshawk F-11, M-8 Greyhound 6 wheeled reconnaissance car, USS Missouri battleship.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Big and Heavies : such as: Tiger tank, battleship, heavy bomber aircraft, sumo wrestler figure, Boeing 747, B-17, large ocean liner, etc.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: 1918 End of World War 1 : 11 November 1918 the armistice takes effect. Anything in use in 1918 such as: SPAD XIII, Fokker D7, soldier figure, WW1 tank, ambulance, Black Watch soldier figure.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Famous or Notable : related to a famous individual or event such as: American Tank “ace” Lafayette Pool’s Sherman tank, Wittmann’s Tiger tank, aircraft of an ace, Wright Flyer, Lindberg’s Ryan, Bell X-1, Ford model T automobile, London double decker bus.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: The Cold War : any related subject from 1947 to 1991 such as: M-60 tank, M-113 APC, F-104, nuclear submarine, etc.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: New or In Current Use : anything currently in use such as: French Rafale fighter, Eurofighter Typhoon, AC-130U “Spooky”, B-1B Lancer, CV-22 Osprey, F-15, F-16, F-22, M1 tank, nuclear submarine, M1 Abrams tank, Ford mustang, Volvo S-90 sedan.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Civvies, non-military things : Such as: automobile, London two decker bus, stage coach, railroad engine, San Francisco Cable Car, racing car, Concord supersonic air liner, Piper Cub, etc.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Oktoberfest : Anything German such as: German soldier figure, VW automobile, Graf Spee pocket battleship, Me-109, etc.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Leave it to the Marines : USMC was first activated on 10 November 1775. Anything related to the marines; USMC, Royal Marines, German Sea Battalions of WW1, such as: painted figure of Gen Chesty Puller, Marine aircraft or vehicles.

Program: TDB


Special Contest: Build the same vehicle or aircraft subject, any scale : Armor/Vehicle: German Panzer V (Panther) or Jagdpanther tank destroyer, Aircraft: Me-109

Program: Holiday Party!!



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